Scientific Team


Scientific management:


Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling (Executive Director), Professor for the communication of museum-related history of science at the University of Bremen


 Program Area I - Shipping and Society (Exhibiting and Communicating) -

Dr. Katharina Bothe (commiss. director)

 Program Area II - Ships as Stores of Knowledge (Collecting and Preserving) -

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vehlken (Leitung) (Professor of Knowledge Processes and Digital Media, University of Oldenburg)

Area Environment

(including nature-culture relationship, Anthropocene, marine pollution, fisheries, whaling, munitions in the sea, deep-sea mining, biodiversity)

Dr. Sven Bergmann

Nils Theinert

Dr. Philipp Grassel


Area Knowledge (including research shipping, navigation, mapping, collection research, knowledge processes, simulation, digital twin.)

Dr. des. Katrin Kleemann (Parental leave)

Karolin Leitermann

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vehlken

Dr. Frederic Theis

Area Society

(trade, navy, shipwrecks, sea rescue, cruising, shipbuilding, migration, colonialism)

Dr. Katharina Bothe

Deike Reddig


Lotte Warnsholdt (Science-led digitization team)

Vyacheslav Bondarenko (Science-led digitization team)

Dennis Hoffmann (3D visualisation)

Luca Junge (programming)

Nicole Werner (photographer)

Area Curation Research

Inclusion in museums, semi-permanence in exhibitions, research communication, making research visible and reflective in exhibitions.

Dr. Marleen von Bargen (Curator)

Dr. Isabella Hodgson (Digital Curator, Science Led Digitization Team).

Provenance and collection research

Maritime collecting, logistics of collecting, collection preservation, colonial context of museum collections, Nazi-confiscated cultural objects, Research Data Management

Tobias Goebel (Norddeutscher Lloyd in colonialism)

Arman Dzaferagic (Science-led digitization team)

Dr. Alexander Reis (research assistant digital documentation)

Susanne Kiel (LiftProv)

Dr. Jacqueline Malchow (LiftProv)

Mediation research

Participation, visitor research, mediation formats

Birte Stüve (Management education and mediation)

Annette Fischer (Employees Education)

Aleksander Solinski (Employees Education)

Tina Krämer (Employees Education)

Cornelia Riml (Employees Education)

Sonja Degenhard (Employees Education)

Nicolas Dittgen (Science-led digitization team)

Exhibition planning: Niels Hollmeier (Project Management)

Library / scientific editing: Erik Hoops (Management), Bernd Darter (Library management), Simon Kursawe (Library staff)

Museum harbor: Dr. Lars Kröger (scientific Coordination), Martin Claus (Technology)

Communication: Thomas Joppig (Leitung), Annica Müllenberg (Content Management), Lisanne Rinke (Events and Fundraising)

Collection Infrastructure: Annika Opitz (Management), Dr. Christian Ostersehlte (Archive), Silke Wiedmann (Restoration), Susanne Harbach (Restoration), Rico Haferburg (Restoration), Heiko Maischl, Thomas Winsemann Joachim Nee,

Science Administration: Dr. Angela Sommer (Referent), Wei-Hsin Tsao (Scientific assistance)

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