Arman Džaferagić

"As a researcher and restorer, the DSM offers me an almost unlimited pool of professional and technical possibilities for digitizing cultural heritage, but also the excellent connections and close exchange with national and international scientists."

Arman Džaferagić, PhD student


About the person

Arman Džaferagić, conservator and restorer, is a PhD student in the Department of Digitization at the DSM. During his studies at the University of Sarajevo and University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim, he gained extensive experience in the conservation and digitization of cultural heritage in projects for UNESCO, Cultural Heritage without Borders, and through activities at the National Museum and the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In his master's thesis, which was part of a DFG-funded project, he dealt with the possibilities of a fully digital reconstruction of historical wall paintings. At the DSM, Arman is deepening his research in the area of digitization of cultural heritage and digital techniques in conservation and restoration.


Current projects

Scientifically Based Digitization and Digital Reconstruction of the Bremen Cog


Foto: DSM

Arman Džaferagić


Curriculum Vitae

since 2023PhD student - German Maritime Museum DSM
2022Museum Director - Crafts Museum Ovelgönne
2020-2021Restorer - German Leather Museum, Offenbach am Main
2019Research Assistant - Digital Techniques in Restoration - HAWK Hildesheim, Germany
2018-2020Research Assistant- Documentation Photography - HAWK Hildesheim, Germany

Master Studies in Conservation and Restoration Sciences - University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) Hildesheim, Germany- Title of the Master Thesis:

"Possibilities of digital retouching and reconstruction of the Wallpaintings of the upper Cloister in the Brandenburg Cathedral Cloister"

2017-2020Scholarship Holder - DAAD German Academic Exchange Service

Research Assistant - Digitization of Cultural Heritage - Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

2016Student Assistant- Preventive Conservation - National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2015-2017Student Assistant - Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bachelor studies of Conservation and Restoration - University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Exhibition Projects

Temporary Exhibition " Can you do without light ", Crafts Museum Ovelgönne

Permanent Exhibition "Otvoreni Depo / Open Depot", Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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