In our research programme and exhibition we look at ships from different aspects. We explore shipbuilding and shipping from a socio-economic perspective, we explore how ships help to expand human knowledge of the world and we ask about the impact of shipping on the environment.

Our museum and our research live from the exchange of experiences. To this end, we offer several opportunities to get involved and gain experience. Whether International Fellowships, third-party funded projects or internships and more, we appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.



Dissertation / PostDoc / International Fellowships / Projects with external funding


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Dissertations and PostDocs

The promotion of young scientists plays an important role in our research activities. We offer the opportunity to carry out doctoral and post-doc projects in cooperation with various universities. Doctoral students take part in the POLMAR doctoral program of the Alfred Wegener Institute.

Externally funded projects

We actively support the conception of projects (e.g. doctoral projects) that are accompanied by applications for third-party funding. We have experience with the successful acquisition of funding (e.g. INTERREG, DFG, BMBF, Leibniz Competition).

International Fellowships

We offer our "International Fellowships" for scientists from abroad who have not yet worked at a German scientific institution. The amount of the fellowships depends on the applicants' level of education and the scope of the proposed project. The costs for travel and accommodation are covered.

DSM Fellows/Senior Experts

DSM Fellows/Senior Experts work at external universities and other research institutions and investigate the history of shipping from different perspectives. As experts, they are important partners in joint projects and are partly integrated into research and exhibitions in the area of promoting young talent. 


Students of all semesters can complete internships of several weeks or several months in all areas of our museum.

Citizen Science

Interested citizens can take part in the research at the museum in participatory projects. Anyone can take part. The contributions serve as a basis for further research projects, in which in turn anyone interested can get involved.


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