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Cogg Hall: MO closed TUE - SU 10 AM till 6 PM + Ships: closed + free entrance for refugees + Безкоштовний вхід для українців


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    Director confirmed in office: DSM sails into the future with Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling

    It is now official: Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling will remain Managing Director of the DSM after successfully leading the institution for almost two years. read more

    Ein Porträt von Ruth Schilling vor der Kogge.


    DSM Sponsorship Award for Dissertations on Maritime Topics

    The Friends of the DSM, together with the museum, are offering a scientific sponsorship award for the first time in order to actively support the research and communication of maritime heritage. read more

    Die Ansicht auf die Lichtinstallation Frame am Erweiterungsbau.


    New exhibition "SEH-STÜCKE - Maritime digitally discovered" gives museum guests X-ray vision

    The new special exhibition "SEH-STÜCKE - Maritimes digital entdeckt" at the DSM uses state-of-the-art technology to provide insights into the inside of 24 navigation instruments and medicine bottles. read more

    Ein Röntgenbild eines Barometers.


    More inclusion in the museum via app

    With a new app, the German Maritime Museum wants to make it easier for people with intellectual disabilities to visit the museum. read more

    Eine Menschengruppe im Museum.


    German Maritime Museum launches database for looted Jewish property

    The Provenance Research team launches the first database that can be used to search for relocated removal goods of Jewish refugees expropriated during National Socialism. read more


    Model ships steer in the museum harbor

    Der beliebte Mini-Port des DSM feiert in diesem Sommer ein Comeback im Freien: Ab Montag, 24. Juli, können kleine und große Gäste Modellschiffe durch den Museumshafen navigieren. read more


    New Commercial Director at the DSM

    New Commercial Director at the German Maritime Museum. read more


    Historic lightship ELBE 3 arrived in dock

    The ship with the longest laytime in the port of the German Maritime Museum, the ELBE 3, was towed into dock today (May 26, 2023). read more


    "North Sea Wrecks" - European research project presents results

    After four and a half years, the EU project "North Sea Wrecks" presents the results of its research at a symposium. read more


    Looking in from the Edge

    How far did the trade relations of Bremen and Hamburg merchants extend into the North Atlantic region? read more

    Opening hours

    Cog hall: Monday closed, TUE - SUN from 10 am to 6 pm

    Ships: closed

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    Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum
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    D-27568 Bremerhaven


    T. +49 471 482 07 0

    Contact person

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