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Dr. Katharina Bothe


”With its innovative approaches and international networks, the German Maritime Museum offers me optimal research conditions.“

Current position



Field of research
Blue Economy and Sustainable Development
Cultural Studies of work and organization

Cultural Studies


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Dr. Katharina Bothe

+49 471 482 07 0

Curriculum Vitae

since 2022

Deputy Head of Program „Seafaring and Society”

since 2020

Postdoc at the German Maritime Museum

2015 - 2019

Doctorate on "Changing work cultures: shipyards under the influence of migration and globalisation" at the German Maritime Museum and the University of Bremen


Consultant at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva (Switzerland)


Consultant at the ZEIT Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius in Hamburg


M.A., Applied Cultural Studies at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, title of the master's thesis "Constructions of Muslim women in the media: A discourse-analytical investigation of the magazine 'Stern'".


Research Associate at the Science department of the Körber Foundation in Hamburg

Scientific publications



Bothe, Katharina 2020. Arbeitskulturen im Wandel. Werften, Migration, Globalisierung. Campus: Frankfurt A.M./New York.


Peer-reviewed Articles:

Bothe, Katharina & Decker-Lange, Carolin 2022. Globalization from below: Labor inequality in the German shipbuilding industry, 1960-2000. Enterprise and Society, p. 1-26, DOI:


Bothe, Katharina & Decker-Lange, Carolin 2021. Globalization from Below: Labor Inequality at German Shipyards, 1960-2000. Academy of Management Proceedings, Vol. 2021 No. 1, DOI


Bothe, Katharina & Decker-Lange, Carolin (2021): Historiography in Management Research: Studying the German Shipbuilding from Below, British Academy of Management Conference, Track Research Methodology, 2021.  


Bothe, Katharina & Decker-Lange, Carolin 2020. Technological Innovation and Globalization: Labour Inequality at German Shipyards, 1960-2000. British Academy of Management, Conference Proceedings ISBN: 978-0-9956413-3-4.


Other Articles:


Bothe, Katharina & Wolf, Johanna 2021. „Integration durch Arbeit?”: Migranten und die Gewerkschaft am Beispiel der westdeutschen Werftindustrie, 1960-1983 In: Sozial.Geschichte Online, Nr. 30, pp 29-70, DOI: 10.17185/duepublico/74946.


Bothe, Katharina 2020. Arbeitsmigration im Schiffbau des 20. Jahrhundert. In: Deutsche Schifffahrt 2.2020.


Further Contributions:


Bothe, Katharina 2022. Rezension. Sarah Graber Majchrzak: Arbeit – Produktion – Protest. Die Leninwerft in Gdansk und die AG „Weser“ in Bremen im Vergleich (1968 – 1983). Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa Bd. 71 Nr. 3.DOI:


Bothe, Katharina 2021.  Sustainability and the Blue Economy: Communication and Knowledge Transfer across Disciplines and Stakeholders. In: H-Soz-Kult, 6.12.2021


Bothe, Katharina 2021. Conference Report.  From Ship to Coast: Blue Economy and Sustainable Livelihood


Bothe, Katharina 2020. From Ship to Coast: Blue Economy and Sustainable Livelihood. In: H-Soz-Kult, 26.07.2020


Exhibition projects

Exhibition unit "Labour Migration in Shipbuilding" in the section "Players in Shipbuilding" in the context of the new conception of the exhibition in "Bangert Building"

Exhibition module on shipbuilding as part of the exhibition "Einfach Wissenswert: Sozialwissenschaften: Ich & Die Anderen" of the House of Sciences in Bremen (2016)


DAAD – Scholarship and Visiting Scholar (2022), University of Cambridge

Visiting Member of High Table (2022), Newnham College, University of Cambridge

Journal of Management History Award for Best International Paper, Academy of Management (AOM) 2021, New York

Best Developmental Paper Award: Management and Business History, British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference in the Cloud 2020

DAAD – Visiting Scholar (2016), Observer Research Foundation, India




Postdoc - Representative at the German Maritime Museum

Leibniz PhD Network (former PhD representative at the museum)



Research projects



Cruising across Centuries: Social Inequality and Employment at Sea

The research project explores the historic and current ruptures that foster social inequality in the cruise business. 


Online Workshop on “Sustainability and the Blue Economy"

The German Maritime Museum (DSM) / Leibniz Institute for Maritime History and the Open University Business School are co-organizing the online workshop "Sustainability and the Blue Economy: Communication and Knowledge Transfer across Disciplines and Stakeholders" on 4 March 2022.


Arbeitswelten und Migration auf Werften

"Work Cultures in Transition. Shipyards, Migration, Globalization". Dr. Katharina Bothe's dissertation has now been published under this title by Campus-Verlag.


Opening hours

Cog hall: TUE - SUN from 10 am to 6 pm, open daily from 18.3.2024

Ships: Ships reopen on 18 March 2024

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