Niels Hollmeier

”Ever since I was a child, I have been familiar with the German Maritime Museum. I was and am particularly fascinated by the museum's diverse collection. It therefore motivates me very much to be allowed to bring a small part of it closer to our visitors.“

Niels Hollmeier, Project Manager Exhibitions



Niels Hollmeier is a historian and has been working at the German Maritime Museum - Leibniz Institute of Maritime History since 2018. As project manager for exhibitions, his main tasks include coordinating and curating exhibition projects. The focus of his work to date has been on research shipping projects carried out in co-operation with the Alfred Wegener Institute.
Before joining the DSM, Niels Hollmeier worked as a lecturer and research assistant at the Chair of Global History at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Among other things, he coordinated cooperation projects and project partners in West Africa (Université de Lomé, Togo and Université de Yaoundé, Cameroon) and was involved as a research assistant in the realisation of a special exhibition on the colonial history of Düsseldorf - Cameroon at the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf.


Current project

Schiffswelten – Der Ozean und wir | Dauerausstellung, Projektleitung und Kuration


Foto: DSM

Niels Hollmeier

+49 471 482 07 76

+49 471 482 07 55

Exhibition projects

Ship Worlds - The Ocean and Us | Permanent exhibition, project management and curation

Steel and Bytes - A ship is being built | special exhibition, project management and curation

Into the Ice - The MOSAiC expedition in pictures | Special exhibition/travelling exhibition, project management and curation

Change Now - Ships change the world | Special exhibition, project management

Room for conjecture - Found objects and their stories | Special exhibition, project management

SEA CHANGES - World & Sea in Transition | Special exhibition, project management

Screening Northern Lights | Projector staging of the Bangert Building, project management

360° POLARSTERN - A virtual research expedition | Special exhibition, project management and curation

City, country, exhibit - On the trail of early modern colonies | online exhibition, project management

Tooth of the Tides - Maritime Treasures under the Magnifying Glass | Special exhibition, project management and curation



  • Ein Forschungsschiff entsteht – Der Blick hinter die Kulissen der neuen Dauerausstellung „Schiffswelten“, in: Deutsche Schiffahrt (47), 2024 (im Druck).
  • Into the Ice – On the Road. Sonderausstellung zur MOSAiC-Expedition im Ungarischen Kulturzentrum Stuttgart, in: Deutsche Schiffahrt (45), 2023, p. 27-29.
  • Steel and Bytes – Ein Schiff entsteht. Sonderausstellung zum Schiffbau seit dem 1. Oktober 2022 in der Koggehalle, in: Deutsche Schiffahrt (44), 2022, p. 14-18 (zusammen mit Deike Reddig).
  • Virtuelle Forschungsarbeit im Deutschen Schifffahrtsmuseum, in: Magazin, Nr. 38, 2019, p. 90-98.
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