Dr. Isabella Hodgson

”My dream is to network the analogue and digital offering for all target groups. I want our guests to have a participatory, interactive and inclusive museum experience and to discover the exhibitions both from home and on site with us.“ 

Dr. Isabella Hodgson, Digital Curator


About the person

Isabella Hodgson has been working as a digital curator at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven since November 2020. At the museum, she focuses on the digital aspects of education, participation and inclusion.

She studied Classical Archaeology, History and Mineralogy at the University of Würzburg and subsequently completed her PhD in Classical Archaeology at the University of Bonn. This involved longer research stays in Greece and Italy. As a research assistant in an archaeological database project at the University of Cologne, she worked on how knowledge can be made accessible online. Digitization from 3D acquisition to network infrastructures was her main focus during a traineeship at the Hetjens - Deutsches Keramikmuseum. She is now working on various digital historico-cultural mediation and exhibition projects at the German Maritime Museum.


Current research projects

  • Museum experiences without barriers (Digital inclusion project)
  • Schau mir in die Karten (Interactive crowdmapping project)
  • 3D infrastructure for the lively presentation of museum collection objects
  • Depot Digital (Online collection of the German Maritime Museum)
  • Mining. Abbau der Zukunft (Online platform on the topic of mining)



Photo: DSM/ Helena Grebe

Dr. Isabella Hodgson

+49 471 48207 24



Credit: DSM / Helena Grebe

Curriculum Vitae

Since Nov. 2020    

Digital-Curator at the German Maritime Museum


Volunteer at the Hetjens - German Ceramics Museum responsible for the area of digitalization; supervision of a cooperation with the Chinese-German Center for Artificial Intelligence


Cooperation on medieval excavations of the company BfAD Heyse, Schwarzach


Management of cultural tours in Italy, Greece and France for Wikinger Reisen / conception of seminars for Verdi Bildungswerk


Research stay in Athens and Rome supported by the DAAD (scholarship abroad) and the Marita Horster Foundation (final scholarship)


Research assistant at the Research Archive for Ancient Sculpture at the University of Cologne / Arachne database, there responsible for the application of metadata standards


Doctorate at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn on polychrome Hellenistic relief ceramics in Italy and Greece


Freelance work at the antiquities collection of the Museumslandschaft Hessen-Kassel


Studies of Classical Archaeology, History and Mineralogy at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg; Master's thesis awarded the Kassel Prize for Art Historical Works

Publications and Lectures

Hodgson, Isabella: Polychrome Mattfarbenkeramik zwischen lokaler Variation und hellenistischer Koinè, in: Kamenjarin, Ivanca – Ugarković, Marina (Hrsg.), Exploring the neighborhood. The Role of Ceramics in Understanding Place in the Hellenistic World. Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of IARPotHP Kaštela, June 2017, 1st–4th, Wien 2020, p. 73 – 83

Hodgson, Isabella: Polychrome hellenistische Mattfarbenkeramik - Funde aus Italien und Griechenland, Doktorarbeit Universität Bonn, Baden-Baden 2021

  • Cultural Heritage for the Classroom – Identifying the real need of schools, Lecture, Europeana 2022 Conference

Hodgson, Isabella: Ein Museum wird zum App-Entwickler. Wie eine Kulturinstitution von der Einrichtung einer digitalen Infrastruktur profitieren kann, in: Museumszeit 4, 2022, S. 56

  • Bereichernder Perspektivwechsel – Wie Digitalprojekte am DSM von Partizipation profitieren, Lescture Tag der Wissenschaften: Forschen und Ausstellen am DSM, 17.02.2023
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