Looking Back to the Future: Shipwrecks and Museum Artifacts

Blog | 19.04.2022

Das Netzwerk der Maritimen Museen im Nordseeraum (Northern Sea Maritime Museums’ Network) lädt am 29. April zu einem Workshop zum Thema Schiffswracks ein.

29th of April, online 9:00-16:30 CET, Workshop of the Northern Sea Maritime Museums’ Network, organized by the German Maritime Museum, the German Naval Museum, the German Port Museum, the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, Stavanger Maritime Museum)

With remaining a major part of shipwrecks including munition on the ground of the sea a wide range of questions remains about how important we judge the heritage of maritime war and peace: The ecological consequences of these items have been just begun to be explored and put into the public and political conscience. On the other hand, shipwrecks also present very often graves and memorial sites, which reveal a certain cultural attitude (or total neglect). Finally exhibiting remnants of war and peace of sea in museums connects our collection to present and future political developments.


Welcome and introduction: Ruth Schilling (German Maritime Museum) (9:00-9:15)

Keynote: Andrew Lambert (King’s College, London) (9:15-10:00)

Session 1: exploring the wrecks (chair: Anne Tove Austbo, Stavanger Maritime Museum)

Carl Decaluwé (Governor of West Flanders), Underwater Cultural Heritage and Belgium – Succesful Marriage (10:00-10:45)

Giles Richardson (MAST), The Maritime Observatory: Satellite-Derived Intelligence in Shipwreck Monitoring and Protection (11:00-11:45)

Jouke Spoelstra (Project leader Search for O13, NL), Search for the long-lost Dutch submarine O13, (how) to bring a quest to life (11:45-12:30)

12:30-13:15 break

Session 2: toxic legacies of war (chair: Irene Jacobs, Maritime Museum Rotterdam)

Philipp Grassel / Sven Bergmann (German Maritime Museum), Toxic legacies: war wrecks and underwater munitions in the North Sea (13:14-14:00)

Edmund Maser, Tobias Bünning and Jennifer S. Strehse (University of Kiel, Germany), Explosive chemicals in sunken North Sea wrecks: Analysis and toxicity for the marine environment and the human seafood consumer (14:00-14:45)

14:45-15:00 break

Session 3: How to exhibit war and peace at sea? The role of maritime and naval museums (chair: Stephan Huck, German Naval Museum)

Nils Theinert (German Maritime Museum), A Fight for Authenticity – The Exhibition of German U-Boats as Sights of political Conflict and Mythmaking (15:00-15:45)

André Kirouac (Québec) Naval Museums – Guardians of the memory of risks of wars at sea (1545-16:30)

16:30-17:00 final discussion (chair: Ruth Schilling, German Maritime Museum)

Modes of Participating Participation is free – you are very welcome to join. Please let the program circulate. Please send a short notice of attendance till the 28th of April to: schilling@dsm.museum

You are kindly requested to use this link to enter the virtual meeting room: Thema: Workshop Looking Back to the Future: Zoom-Link


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