The changing German Maritime Museum (DSM)

Let's go to new shores! The DSM is changing. As a Leibniz Institute, it makes its research work visible to the public with new exhibition concepts. Exciting programme for the whole family.

For the DSM team, change means making research visible and tangible. The new "Man & Sea" research and exhibition programme illuminates the relationship between man and sea and the consequences for our lives and our environment. To this end, the museum, founded in 1971, is being gradually redesigned and at the same time renovated.

"At the DSM you will experience research live and become a part of it. The close connection between man and sea is the central theme with many exciting building blocks".
Prof. Dr. Sunhild Kleingärtner, Director

The focus lies on the numerous ships in the collection. They are human access to the sea. Until airplanes existed, ships were the only link between the continents. Today, shipping is part of the climate problem and solutions are in demand. In future, the new DSM will deal with shipbuilding, the development of passenger shipping, the use of the oceans as a supplier of raw materials, waste dumps and recreational areas, and marine research. At the same time, the historical view into the past offers insights for the future.


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