Of finding and inventing - of archaeology and literature

Special exhibition "Room for Conjecture" from October 15, 2021 to April 17, 2022 at the German Maritime Museum (DSM).

The exhibition features eleven finds in the Cog Hall - including a Roman saucepan, a kelp bottle, and a specimen of a North Atlantic lumpfish - from the Weser region that either have regional historical significance or are related to shipping. The objects come from the archives of the DSM, the Landesarchäologie Bremen, the Schifffahrtsmuseum Unterweser, the  Focke Museum  and the Hafenmuseum Speicher XI. The "Room for Conjecture" shows that enigmatic finds can always be investigated and discovered anew. For each exhibit, authors have written texts that offer an artistic approach to the object and to the maritime history of the Weser region. The contributions come from Michael Augustin, Anke Bär, Nora Bossong, Christine Glenewinkel, Klaus Hübotter, Per Leo, Anna Lott, Gülbahar Kültür, Moritz Rinke, Reyhan Şahin aka Lady Bitch Ray and Ian Watson. A 360-degree image of the site and audio contributions by researchers complement the presentation.

The interdisciplinary exhibition project was developed by Anne Schweisfurth, Hafenmuseum Speicher XI, and artist Rainer Weber. As part of the exhibition, the DSM offers an accompanying program for adults, families and school classes.

RAUM FÜR VERMUTUNGEN was created in cooperation with Knochenarbeit Bremen, the Landesarchäologie Bremen, the Friedrich-Boedeker-Kreis im Lande Bremen, the Stadtbibliothek Bremerhaven, the Bremer Literaturkontor, the Literaturhaus Bremen and the Logbuch Bremen.



View of the exhibition RAUM FÜR VERMUTUNGEN.

Photo: Rainer Weber


One object in the show is the specimen of the North Atlantic lumpfish.

Photo: Rainer Weber

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