CHANGE NOW - Ships change the world

As a research museum and Leibniz Institute for Maritime History, we investigate the relationship between humans and the sea with national and international cooperation partners. The focus of our research is shipping: How did it come into being, why is it important, what progress have we made? What impact did it have and still has on the sea, the climate and our lives?

With the exhibition "CHANGE NOW - Ships change the world", the DSM is dedicates itself to participating in the recently launched UN Decade of Marine Research for Sustainable Development. The Decade aims to strengthen international cooperation and promote research and innovative technologies to connect marine science with the needs of human society. After all, the oceans are still among the least explored and least protected areas in the world, yet they cover 71 percent of the Earth's surface and are the essential foundation of all life.

CHANGE NOW covers a wide range of topics, from rising sea levels and species change to research shipping, which provides important insights into the ocean's ecosystem. Ten theses highlight the role of ships in their various facets - as drivers of trade, globalization, marine research, but also climate change and its consequences.

The exhibition is realized in cooperation with numerous international institutions. A highlight is the integrated show "INTO THE ICE - The MOSAIC Expedition in Pictures", jointly developed and curated by the Alfred Wegener Institute and the DSM. Among other things, motifs by photographer Esther Horvath, who was on board the POLARSTERN and accompanied the research team during the MOSAiC expedition, will be on display. Her photograph of a polar bear mother with cub was awarded the World Press Photo Award in 2020. Furthermore, images by the photographers Lianna Nixon, Jan Rohde, Steffen Graupner and Mario Hoppmann can be seen in the show. In addition, Michael Gutsche shows the most beautiful impressions of Greenpeace interventions in the special show "Pole to Pole".

Join us on an expedition - follow the whale parade, dive into the world of marine research and explore the multifaceted roles of ships.


Access to the exhibition

The special exhibition INTO THE ICE is located in the extension building of the DSM. As the building is due to be renovated in the near future, visits to the exhibition will take place exclusively in the form of accompanied tours or themed tours, which will allow all guests to visit the exhibition safely. Until July 31, 2022, guided tours will be offered on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with a maximum of 25 visitors per tour. During vacation weeks and on public holidays, there are daily appointments. Tickets can be booked in advance at, remaining tickets are available at the Kogge-Halle box office half an hour before the start of the respective date.

There are two variants:

  • On the accompanying tours, museum guests explore the exhibition independently along a predefined route accompanied by a guest advisor.
  • In the case of themed tours (in German), curators and experts guide guests to selected stations and exhibits in the exhibition on the basis of a content-related concept. These dates can also be found in the calendar of events. All other dates that are not listed there but can still be booked via the ticket store are guided tours.  

Each guided tour or visit lasts one hour. Admission is 6 euros, concessions 3 euros.

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Please note that the exhibition can only be visited via an accompanied tour or a themed tour. In the program (in German) all guided tours and accompanied visits are listed.


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Photo: DSM/ Helena Grebe


Photo: DSM/ Helena Grebe




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