Model ships steer in the museum harbor


The popular mini-port of the German Maritime Museum (DSM) / Leibniz Institute of Maritime History is making an outdoor comeback this summer: Starting Monday, July 24, guests young and old will be able to navigate model ships through the museum harbor from aboard the historic whaler RAU IX.

It will be a reunion that many are eagerly awaiting: the Mini-Port, which is popular with young and old recreational skippers alike and is located in the DSM's Scharoun Building, which is currently closed for renovation, will be relocated to the museum harbor for the summer. In this way, the Mini-Port will become a Maxi-Port, so to speak.
The DSM is thus fulfilling a wish of many museum guests: Time and again, guests told of their childhood memories and asked about the mini-indoor port. As an attractive summer recreational offer, six ships will now sail regularly off RAU IX.

True to style from aboard the old whaling steamer, young and old captains can take remote control of the TITANIC, a fishing cutter, two Coast Guard tugs, a fireboat and the refrigerated steamer URUGUAY and develop a feel for navigating on the water.

Weather permitting, the model ships will be anchored at Maxi-Port daily until the end of September, waiting for guests. Participation is included in the admission fee. Tickets for the RAU IX cost two euros, concessions one euro, tickets for the cog hall and museum ships cost six euros, concessions three euros.


Thomas Joppig

+49 (0)471 482 07 832

A model ship in the water of the museum harbor.

Photo: DSM / Annica Müllenberg

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