360° POLARSTERN – Virtual research experience at home


360° POLARSTERN – Virtual research experience at home

Mareike Heger |

As one of the most important research vessels in the world, POLARSTERN has been providing new insights into climate, oceans and polar regions for 38 years. With the special exhibition "360° POLARSTERN - a virtual research expedition" this symbol can be experienced by young and old at the German Maritime Museum. The exhibition offers 360-degree views of the POLARSTERN expedition and allows visitors to explore the areas of research, life and navigation.

The 360-degree videos, which were previously only shown on site in the exhibition, are now also available on YouTube. Whether via browser, smartphone or your own VR glasses: the German Maritime Museum's YouTube channel brings the research icebreaker into your own living room. Analogous to the special exhibition, the four videos show the areas of research, life and navigation as well as the departure for new expeditions. Whether on the bridge, in the galley or on deck, the videos offer a completely new view of life on board the POLARSTERN.

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