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Bremen cog from the Hanseatic era in the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven

Experience the world's best-preserved medieval merchant ship at first hand and learn more about life on board, the construction method and today's cult. read on


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Steam shunting crane

Thanks to its all-wheel drive, the steam shunting crane was able to pull two to three loaded…read more

Steam Hammer

This medium-sized steam hammer comes from the former Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Vegesack and was…read more

Sailing yacht DIVA

As one of three ships, the DIVA sailed and won the 1985 Admiral's Cup under skipper Berend…read more

ELBE 3 - From lightship to beacon

Built as a station ship for the estuary of the Eider, ELBE 3 subsequently served as a lightship…read more

Electric semi-gantry crane

As early as 1925, the slewing crane was put into operation by Bremerhavener Eisenwerk AG behind…read more

Deep-sea salvage tug SEEFALKE

The powerful and fast deep-sea salvage tug SEEFALKE was put into service in 1924 with complete…read more

Oder-Haffkran EMMA

The owner Paul Raddatz transported gravel or grain with the Oder barge EMMA until 1992: either…read more

Nordische Jagt GRÖNLAND

The oldest German polar research vessel is the GRÖNLAND. The one-master from 1867 is not only…read more

Harbour bell

The task of the harbour bell was to warn the ships of the surge if the lock gates were…read more

Hand Crank Crane

Not far from here, on the east quay of the New Harbour, this hand crank crane stood for a…read more


Used on the Elbe in Hamburg, the Weser and inland waters of Berlin, HELMUT has already seen a…read more

Dutch bascule bridge

The drawbridge, a steel construction, was built on the Dutch model in 1977/78 and connects the…read more

Lantern from lightship FEHMARNBELT

The lantern of the lightship FEHMARNBELT stood on a 16 m high mast and was therefore visible…read more

Original quay walls of the Old Port

The quay wall, preserved from the time when the port was founded, is an important witness to…read more


The concrete hull ship PAUL KOSSEL was built in 1920 as a motor tug in the Bremen branch of the…read more

Pontoon bridge

When part of the western historic quay wall was uncovered in the south of the open-air site,…read more


Explore the eventful history of RAU IX. Go on board to get an idea of working conditions and…read more

Propeller of the tanker Varicella

The four-blade propeller belonged to the British Shell tanker VARICELLA, which was built in…read more

Chimney of the nuclear energy research ship OTTO HAHN

This chimney belonged to OTTO HAHN when it was operating as a research vessel and ore freighter…read more

Seamen's arm

The internationally renowned artist Stephan Balkenhol created the sculpture Seamen's Arm for…read more


The STIER is a tugboat that towed and manoeuvred ships in Bremen harbours. The harbor tug with…read more

Storm tide pole

The oak storm surge pole, reminds us of the constant danger that storm surges pose to the…read more

Unterfeuer Sandstedt

The navigation mark "Front light Sandstedt" was built in 1898 and stood on the dike near…read more

Walter drive for submarines

The "Technikmuseum U-Boot Wilhelm Bauer" donated this replica of a Walter drive for submarines…read more


In 1897, the building was erected as a Bremen customs house at the former lock to the Old Port.…read more

Water level indicator

Since 1903, the water level indicator has been located on the Weser dyke and showed the water…read more

compass rose

The compass rose in the outdoor area of the German Maritime Museum is one of the largest of its…read more

Hydrofoil WSS 10

The WSS 10 was named after the shipbuilding engineer F. H. Wendel. Since this hydrofoil rose…read more


The fragment of a Zeesboat does not only look like a wreck: The coastal fishing boat became a…read more

Volume of ship models

The ribbon of ship models runs as a red thread through the museum's exhibition. It tells the…read more

Bremen cog from the Hanseatic era in the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven

Experience the world's best-preserved medieval merchant ship at first hand and learn more about…read more

Commercial submarine GERMANY

During the First World War, merchant submarines were supposed to render the British trade…read more

Triple-Expansion Steam Engine

The steam engine will be on display in the future exhibition in the Ship and Equipment section.…read more

tidal calculator

One of the oldest German computers is preserved in the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven.read more

Silver model of the IMPERATOR

We invite you to visit the impressive silver model of the passenger steamer IMPERATOR in our…read more

Paddle steamer MEISSEN shows passenger shipping around 1900

The paddle steamer MEISSEN is an impressive large object, which can also be viewed in the…read more

SEEHUND Type XXVII - Small submarines in the Second World War

The small submarine type XXVII was used in the last year of the Second World War. Discover the…read more


In the new installation on research shipping at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven,…read more

Lifeboat illustrates sinking of the PAMIR

We invite you to visit the lifeboat of the cargo sailing ship PAMIR, symbol of one of the most…read more

Planet Sea - Sustainable use of the sea by humans

Discover in our future exhibition "Planet Meer" the global influences and conditions of…read more

The shipbuilding line - an interactive installation

The shipbuilding section is one of our museum offers for families and visitors, with a focus on…read more


Around the model of the fast steamer KAISER WILHEM DER GROSSE you can see how passenger…read more

Welcome aboard! The GRÖNLAND under sails

Every sailing trip with the GRÖNLAND is a special event for the crew. There is also a lot to do…read more


With all three legs firmly on the seabedread more


Dieser kraftvolle und schnelle Hochsee-Bergungsschlepper wurde mit einer kompletten Ausrüstung…read more

SEUTE DEERN: Museum and restaurant ship

Discover the SEUTE DEERN museum and restaurant ship in our museum harbour. The wooden barque…read more

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