Oder-Haffkahn EMMA

The owner Paul Raddatz transported gravel or grain with the Oder barge EMMA until 1992: either with a three-masted sprit rigging along the coasts of the Baltic Sea or - pushed by a "pusher" - on the North German canals.

The masts of the square sprit rigged sails (they are spread diagonally from the mast by a log) were folded down while sailing on rivers and canals. Then a so called annternter bumper took over the propulsion, a dinghy with motor, which was attached laterally to the rudder and stern.

The German Maritime Museum was able to acquire the EMMA thanks to a donation by the former chairman of the board of the then Bremer Lagerhausgesellschaft (BLG), Dr. Rolf Fastenau. It has been in the museum harbour since 1994.

Building site:


Pölitz by Stettin

Year of manufacture:





41,50 m



5,10 m

Draft empty:


0,46 m

Draft loaded:


2,90 m



Sails or pushers with 120 HP
Sail surface:


240,00  m2



280 tons load capacity



© DSM / Mareike Heger

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