Digital opening: MAPS KNOWLEDGE SEA - Globalization from the water

Be there live on YouTube or Facebook on November 25th from 5 pm. Switch on and dive into the world of navigation.

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SEA CHANGES – World & Sea in transition

Special exhibition on marine and climate change

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360° POLARSTERN –  A virtual research expedition

Discover driving, research and Life aboard the POLARSTERN.

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The Bremer Kogge - 600 years of history to marvel at

Learn more about the best preserved medieval merchant ship in the world.

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Man & Sea

What ecological, economic, technical and social circumstances have influenced the relationship between man and the sea?

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The museum is under reconstruction! Visitor information

Opening Hours


TUE – SUN 10 am – 6 pm

+++ sorry we are currently closed +++


6 Euro

3 Euro reduced

The museum will be closed from November 2 until further notice.

Corona prevention: We close - and stay open for you digitally

Due to the new corona regulations of the state of Bremen, our museum will be closed from Monday, November 2, until further notice. In the meantime, we invite you to make greater use of the digital services of our museum.

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The climate is changing - meteorologically, but also socially.


Climate change raises questions and fuels debate. Researching shipping plays an important role in understanding and calculating the consequences of global warming on the oceans.

Our exhibitions offer insights into research, driving and life on board the famous icebreaker POLARSTERN. "360° POLARSTERN - A virtual research expedition". Extended until 14 October 2020.

World and sea in change - this is the theme of our new exhibition SEA CHANGES, which you can view together with the POLARSTERN exhibition in our new building.

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Foto: Bernd Ohlthaver

A ship with an eventful history

Wooden freighter, training ship, hotel ship and restaurant: the SEUTE DEERN has had many functions in her 100-year history. Learn more about her history and her fateful anniversary year.

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News from the museum


Free use of the online ship dictionary

NEW: Students of nautical science, researchers and fans of the maritime world will be pleased, because the online ship dictionary can be used free of charge from now on. With just one click, technical terms from the fields of marine engineering and shipping can be quickly translated from German into English and vice versa.

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Kick-off event: "A World in Motion - Shaping the Future with Museums

Eight museums - one joint project: In the coming years, the Leibniz research museums will investigate all facets of movement. The action plan brings science to life.

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An App to the museum for everyone?

People with dementia or other cognitive impairments should be able to visit the museum more easily. The German Maritime Museum makes itself available as a Living Lab for this purpose.

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Research and exhibition project

"Seeing the other?" The perception of the foreign in photographic travel and memory albums

The project "Seeing the Other?" discusses, among other things, the medium of photography and photographic "memory pictures".

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Provenance research at the German Maritime Museum: An old engine and its history in Nazi Germany

In the framework of provenance research, the German Maritime Museum discovered that the single-cylinder four-stroke engine was unlawfully confiscated from the former company owners during the Nazi era.

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Provenance research on the looted property of Jewish emigrants is extended to Hamburg

The DSM's research work on the whereabouts of Nazi looted property will be extended to Hamburg and financially supported by the German Center for Cultural Heritage Losses.

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First German tide calculator goes into operation

History comes alive: The 105-year-old tide calculator has been restored. Since May 2019, restorer Tim Lücke has cleaned thousands of gears, ball bearings and tidal gears using the new dry ice blasting method.

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Half models of ships can be experienced virtually

From today is ship Wednesday: The ships of the Junge Werft shipyard can be viewed as digitized half models. A new model goes online in the middle of each week.



Exhibition KOGGE meets PLAYMOBIL ends after great success next Sunday

Only until next Sunday: Many small and large guests have visited KOGGE meets PLAYMOBIL.

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Virtual start of the new research project for the Hanseatic League

The LIFTE research project starts on Tuesday, October 20, with a virtual kick-off that interested parties can follow on the Internet.

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New publication: Working worlds and migration to shipyards

The dissertation of Dr. Katharina Bothe, Research Fellow at the DSM, has been published under the title "Working Cultures in Change".

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