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Cogg Hall: MO closed TUE - SU 10 AM till 6 PM + Ships: closed + free entrance for refugees + Безкоштовний вхід для українців


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Bremen cog from 1380 and the Hanseatic period

Cog Hall: TUE - SUN 10 am to 6 pm

Tickets: 6 euros, reduced 3 euros



Special exhibition until 2024



Exhibition: VISUAL PIECES - Maritime digitally discovered

until April 30, 2024




Special exhibition on the interactive shipyard model


Archive of the Month




Virtual walk through CHANGE NOW und INTO THE ICE

360 degree tour





The museum is under reconstruction, but can be visited. Plan your visit

+++ The Cog Hall will be closed on January 25 and 26, 2024. +++

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the cog: 600 years of history to admire



News from the museum


Until January 21, 2024

Call for Papers: 100 years of research shipping. On the history of the METEOR I

For a symposium on the topic "100 years of research shipping. On the History of the METEOR I", papers can be submitted until January 21, 2024.


Thursday, 7.12.2023 to Friday, 8.12.2023 / University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven

Conference: MRI for Cultural Heritage Objects

Transdisciplinary conference on imaging with X-ray and CT procedures. Registrations for participation in presence or virtually are now open.



Sending until 15.12.2023

DSM Sponsorship Award for Dissertations on Maritime Topics

DSM offers first award for final theses.


See inside the exhibits via X-ray vision

New exhibition "SEH-STÜCKE - Maritimes neu entdeckt"

The SEH-STÜCKE provide an insight into the interior of 24 navigation instruments, medicine bottles, scrimshaws and finds from the "Bremer Kogge" using the latest technology.


Call for Papers: Late medieval sea vessels in Northern Europe

Current research perspectives will be discussed in a workshop at the German Maritime Museum on Februar 15 and 16, 2024.

DSM International Lecture Series on Ocean Humanities

With a new, international lecture series, the DSM wants to sharpen the humanities view of the oceans. Those interested can attend on site or virtually. more

Start: September, 1

Museum launches database for looted Jewish property

DSM provenance researchers sifted through thousands of files for the first LostLift database of its kind. At the click of a mouse, descendants of Jewish families and provenance researchers can now view documents and provide information.



On the trail of archaeology

The special exhibition "LOOKING IN FROM THE EDGE" shows from March 24 testimonies of Bremen and Hamburg merchants who sailed to Shetland and Orkney already in the 16th century.


DSM takes over original recordings of the German Atlantic Expedition

Window into the history of research shipping

Almost 100 years after the German Atlantic Expedition with the research vessel METEOR I, the DSM takes over original recordings of the voyage as a donation from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.


DSM shows Archival of the Month

Treasure from the depot

In the new "Archivalie des Monats" series, a new historical document is in the spotlight every four weeks. Spot on!




Star from 1380



The cog is the centrepiece of the museum. Behind the wreck, which is more than 600 years old, lies a research thriller: discovered by chance in 1962 in the mud of the Weser, the complex salvage took three years. Afterwards, a team of restorers assembled the 2000 individual parts. To prevent the brittle oak wood from shrinking, the wreck floated in a tank filled with preservative for 18 years; in 1999 the liquid was drained and the construction removed. The cog remains an exciting object of research for scientists from all over the world and is considered the best-preserved trading ship of the Middle Ages








Are you looking for a suitable souvenir of the SEUTE DEERN? How about a clock made from the wood of the famous sailor? We currently have the clocks in stock in our store. Have a look.

New and yet familiar: We are expanding our range with special museum treasures: Clocks and chains made of SEUTE DEERN wood.




New home for exhibits



Pack - unpack - arrive: The 380,000 archival records and 60,000 museum objects are in for an eventful time. By the end of the year, they will be moved bit by bit into the new research depot, which is already an eye-catcher in the fishing harbour. The wooden plank façade is reminiscent of the cog. The DSM team is facing the mammoth task of moving all the exhibits, from the button collection to the lifeboat, into the new home and assigning them a suitable place in the 2300 square metre depot.

read more






Foto: Bernd Ohlthaver

A ship with an eventful history

Wooden freighter, training ship, hotel ship and restaurant: the SEUTE DEERN has had many functions in her 100-year history. Learn more about her history and her fateful anniversary year.

about the history of the SEUTE DEERN


Opening hours

Cog hall: Monday closed, TUE - SUN from 10 am to 6 pm

Ships: closed

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