DSM Sponsorship Award for Dissertations on Maritime Topics

The sponsoring association of the German Maritime Museum (DSM) / Leibniz Institute of Maritime History, together with the museum, is offering a scientific sponsorship award for the first time in order to actively support the research and communication of maritime heritage. This prize is awarded to outstanding dissertations that deal with maritime topics and link history and the present. The prize money of 5000 euros is intended to support the publication and dissemination of the dissertation.

 "As a sponsoring association, we accompany the German Maritime Museum on its future course. With the new prize, which we are now offering for the first time, we would like to point out the still often underestimated importance of maritime-historical research for our society, as it is also successfully practiced at the DSM," says the chairman of the sponsoring association and former mayor of Bremerhaven, Jörg Schulz. "The DSM makes the complex connection between man and the sea visible in research and exhibitions. It is therefore more suitable than almost any other institution to award such a prize."

DSM Director Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling is pleased about the support of the sponsoring association and underlines the close connection of the sponsorship award with the goals of the DSM: "By looking at history, present and future from the sea, we better understand global interrelations and ecological dangers. As the German Maritime Museum and Leibniz Institute of Maritime History, we are keen to initiate and promote maritime-historical research, as it is fundamentally important for our understanding of the world. We are therefore very grateful to our sponsoring association for enabling us to award outstanding research in this subject area."

Submissions from fields not specifically related to the humanities or history are also accepted, as long as they consider some aspect of maritime heritage or the maritime past.

In addition to the thesis itself, submissions should include an abstract of 800 to 1000 characters (including spaces), a cover letter, and a curriculum vitae listing major scholarly milestones (no more than one page).

Submissions will be accepted until December 15, 2023 by e-mail schilling@dsm.museum or by mail to Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum / Leibniz Institute of Maritime History, Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling, Hans-Scharoun-Platz 1, 27568 Bremerhaven.


Thomas Joppig

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