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DSM presents light installation and photo exhibition on the return of the POLARSTERN

In September 2019, researchers set out on the largest Arctic expedition in world history - the MOSAiC expedition. More than a year later, on October 12, the research vessel POLARSTERN returns to its home port of Bremerhaven. The German Maritime Museum / Leibniz Institute for Maritime History welcomes the researchers and crew members with a light installation in the colors of the POLARSTERN. In cooperation with the Alfred-Wegener-Institute-Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), the museum will also present the exhibition INTO THE ICE in winter 2020/21 with impressive photographs by the award-winning photographer Esther Horvath.

On Monday, October 12th, the POLARSTERN will dock in Bremerhaven and the crew will again enter the mainland. As part of a maritime welcoming fleet, the DSM will approach the icebreaker on the replica cog UBENA ZU BREMEN. From on board, the museum reports on the social channels Facebook (www.facebook.com/leibnizdsm) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/leibnizdsm) from 7 a.m. on the approaching POLARSTERN before it docks. To celebrate the return, the light installation FRAME on the extension building will be lit up in the colors of the ship from Friday evening, October 9. On Monday evening it will be supplemented by a welcome film on the return of the icebreaker, which will be shown as a large-format beamer projection.

After the return of the crew, the expedition continues in the DSM: In winter 2020/21, the photo exhibition INTO THE ICE opens with pictures by World Press Photo prizewinner Esther Horvath in the extension of the German Maritime Museum. The photographer from the Alfred Wegener Institute accompanied the crew during the first leg of the journey, took impressive pictures in the ice desert, photographed the animal world and documented the work on board. The motif of a polar bear mother with a cub earned her this year's World Press Photo Award.

Under the motto "Come aboard" the museum already invites visitors to the special exhibition SEA CHANGES and the 360° POLARSTERN show. The former highlights climate change as the most important current challenge and provides an overview of the MOSAiC expedition as well as historical journeys into the ice of the last 100 years. On the virtual POLARSTERN, guests have the opportunity to get a feeling for life on board a research vessel by means of information material and videos.

"Film off" is also the motto on Monday, November 16, from 8:15 p.m. on the premiere of the ARD documentary "Expedition Arctic". In November, the DSM is giving away tickets for a public viewing in the Polar Lounge on Facebook.

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