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    Multispecies oceanic history of ‘warming of the Arctic’ in the 1920s - 1930s


    Lecture / Tuesday, February 13,.2024 / 01:00-02:30 p.m. s.t. CET / via Zoom / participation is free of charge

    Speaker: Julia Lajus is a Visiting associate professor in the Department of History at Columbia University.Her research interests include environmental and technological history of biological resources, especially in marine and polar areas, and history of field sciences such as fisheries science, oceanography, and geophysics. In 2011-15 Julia Lajus served as vice-president of the European Society for Environmental History. Until spring 2022 Lajus led the Laboratory for Environmental and Technological History at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg. In 2014-19 she also served as an Academic Head of the International MA Program in Applied and Interdisciplinary History “Usable Pasts.”

    This lecture is part of the DSM International Lecture Series on Ocean Humanities

    Zoom link:
    Meeting-ID: 836 6586 3280
    Kenncode: 055375

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