The logbook of a whaler

Charlotte Colding Smith |

In loose succession we present objects that will play an important role in the future exhibition in the Bangert building. Today: The logbook of a whaler


This logbook of a whaler dates from the 1850s and is therefore one of the oldest exhibits in the exhibition module "Ship and Environment". It exemplifies the connection between maritime resources, environmental history and the relationship between man and the sea. It is an important witness to the history of whaling in Germany. It is also a key document for researching the history of the climate and the environment. For the logbook already uses uniform descriptions and terms for the sighting and catching of whales. It also recorded weather phenomena such as storms, icebergs and ice floes. Comparison with later recordings can provide information about climate changes.
Whaling (in the 1930s) was also the subject of an exhibition in the foyer of the museum building.


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