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Task Force Maritime redevelops RAU IX


Task Force Maritime redevelops RAU IX

Blog | 23.09.2022

For the past six months, the RAU IX has been sawing, hammering, painting, oiling and polishing. Ten long-term unemployed people in the Maritime Task Force are looking after the 82-year-old whaler and other maritime objects in the museum harbor of the German Maritime Museum (DSM) that need to be renovated or refurbished. Guided by the Bremerhavener Beschäftigungsgesellschaft Unterweser (BBU), they improve their chances on the job market at the same time. The cooperation between BBU and the museum is supported by the Bremen Senator for Science and Ports, the Bremerhaven Magistrate and the Bremerhaven Job Center.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for their tireless work on board. The BBU team has been able to make considerable progress in renovation and refurbishment over the past six months. Before the Task Force Maritime now turns its attention to the lightship ELBE III, we took stock and invited Dr. Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports of the State of Bremen and Chairman of the Foundation Board of the DSM, and Melf Grantz, Lord Mayor of the City of Bremerhaven, to get an impression of the work done on site. They were accompanied by team members of the Task Force Maritim, BBU Managing Director Gerrit Michaelis, Udo Bartau, Head of Market & Integration at the Jobcenter Bremerhaven, Katharina Horn, new Commercial Director at the DSM and Dr. Lars Kröger, Project Manager Museumshafen at the DSM.



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