Dr. Lars Kröger

„For several years now, watercraft have played a central role in my research.  With its diverse objects, the German Maritime Museum offers the opportunity to tap into new topics and to link those with already attained knowlege.”

Dr. Lars Kröger, Scientific coordinator museums harbour


About the person

Lars Kröger studied Mediaeval and Post-mediaeval Archaeology, building Archaeology and Building History, Prehistoric and Ancient Archaeology, Heritage Conservation and Mediaeval History. Already during his studies he developed a professional focus on topics of navigation, especially on rivers. This interest was taken up in a DFG project and resulted in a doctoral thesis on ferries on the Main and Neckar rivers, which brought together archaeological and historical-geographical sources. Another DFG project led to the German Maritime Museum in 2015 with a research project on archaeological sources on river navigation. From 2019 to 2022, he was responsible for the further development of the museum harbor as project manager, and since 2023 has taken on this task permanently as scientific coordinator. Here, the focus is on preservation, museum presentation and research of a dozen ships in the water and on land and various other large objects.


Current research projects

  • Refurbishment of the ELBE 3 (funding by BKM and trustees)
  • Refurbishment of the GRÖNLAND (funding by the Förderverein Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum and BKM; in application phase)
  • Basic refurbishment of various other objects in the museum harbour (funding by trustees and BKM)
  • CHARTER project (European Alliance: Competencies for Cultural Heritage Preservation) charter-alliance.eu



Photo: DSM

Lars Kröger

+49 471  48 207 62


Curriculum Vitae

Since 2023Scientific Coordinator Museum Harbor


Scientific project manager for the refurbishment of the listed museum ships and for the redesign of the museum harbor


Doctorate at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg in the subject Archaeology of the Middle Ages and Modern Times with the thesis "Ferries on the Main and Neckar. An Archaeological and Historical-Geographical Analysis of the Development of Medieval and Early Modern Transport Infrastructure"; Supervisor of the thesis Prof. Dr. Ingolf Ericsson and Prof. Dr. Andreas Dix


Research assistant at the DSM in the DFG project "In the network of fluvial ports. Efficiency and Infrastructure Development of Inland Waters and their Vehicles" as part of the DFG Priority Programme 1630 "Ports from the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages".


Research assistant at the Chair of Archaeology of the Middle Ages and Modern Times at the University of Bamberg in the DFG project "Medieval and Early Modern Ferry Traffic on the Main and Neckar Rivers" - during this period lectureships for the subjects Archaeology of the Middle Ages and Modern Times, Prehistoric Archaeology and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces


Freelance archaeologist for various excavation companies in Bavaria


University degree Magister Artium


Study of archaeology of the Middle Ages and modern times, preservation of historical monuments, medieval history, building research and pre- and protohistoric archaeology at the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg


Kröger, Lars: Fähren an Main und Neckar. Eine archäologische und historisch-geographische Entwicklungsanalyse mittelalterlicher und frühneuzeitlicher Verkehrsinfrastruktur (Monographien des RGZM, Band 160). Mainz 2022 https://books.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/propylaeum/catalog/book/1077


Kröger, Lars: Within The Network Of Fluvial Ports. (L. Werther / H. Müller / M. Foucher (ed.), European Harbour Data Repository, Vol. 01)  2018 Jena https://www.db-thueringen.de/receive/dbt_mods_00035240


Kröger, Lars:
Ferry stations as small harbours. The role of river crossings in the workaday life at southern German rivers.
In: C. von Carnap-Bornheim, F. Daim, P. Ettel and U. Warnke (Eds.), Harbours as objects of interdisciplinary research – Archaeology + History + Geoscience.
Mainz 2018, p. 403-414


Kröger, Lars and Werther, Lukas:
Vom Rhein zur Donau. Überlegungen zur Binnenschifffahrt zwischen Römischer Kaiserzeit und Hochmittelalter.
In: R. Atzbach, P. Cassitti, H. Kenzler and L. Löw (Eds.), Archäologie-Mittelalter-Neuzeit-Zukunft. Festschrift für Ingolf Ericsson.
Bonn 2017, p. 249-282


Kröger, Lars:
Früh- und Hochmittelalterliche Binnenschiffe in Mitteleuropa. Ein Überblick zum aktuellen Stand der Forschung. In: Kouřil, Pavel (Ed.): Přehled výzkumů, Volume 55-2.
Brno 2014, p. 91–123


Kröger, Lars:
Zwischen Main und Alpenrand. Ein Überblick zu den archäologischen Hinterlassenschaften von Wasserfahrzeugen in Süddeutschland.
In: Miloslav Chytráček, Heinz Gruber, Jan Michálek, Karl Schmotz and Ruth Sandner (Eds.): Archäologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostbayern /West- und Südböhmen/Fines Transire. 22. Treffen.  Rahden,
Westf. 2013, p. 111–130


Kröger, Lars:
Einbäume des Maingebietes – Fähren als verbindendes Element eines mittelalterlichen und frühneuzeitlichen Wegesystems.
In: Niedersächsisches Institut für historische Küstenforschung (Ed.): Siedlungs- und Küstenforschung im südlichen Nordseegebiet (SKN) 34.
Rahden/Westf. 2011, p. 115–128

Completed projects

  • "Within the network of fluvial ports. Efficiency and infrastructural development of inland waters and their vessels" as part of the DFG Priority Program 1630 "Harbours from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages" (project management/researcher)
  • Exhibition "Gegen den Strom. Flussschifffahrt im Mittelalter (Against the Current. River Navigation in the Middle Ages)", presentation at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven and the University of Jena (main responsibility)
  • "Securing information and components of the 1919 built three-masted barque SEUTE DEERN", funded by the BKM (main responsibility)
  • Deconstruction of the damaged sailing ship SEUTE DEERN (main responsibility)

Sponsorships / Honors

2017 Verleihung des Otto-Meyer-Elisabeth-Roth-Preises für die Dissertationsschrift „Fähren an Main und Neckar. Eine archäologische und historisch-geographische Entwicklungsanalyse mittelalterlicher und frühneuzeitlicher Verkehrsinfrastruktur“


  • Since 2015, member of the Cultural Council at “European Maritime Heritage. The European association for traditional ships in operation”; since 2017 General Board member representing the Advisory member.

  • Since 2019, board member of the association "Maritimes Kulturgut Deutsche Feuerschiffe e.V."
  • Since 2019 Member of the Advisory Board of "Nautischer Verein zu Bremerhaven e.V."


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