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North German Lloyd Colonial History Research Project

North German Lloyd Colonial History Research Project read on

Digital Materialities - Virtual and Analogue Forms of Exhibition

The joint project "Digital Materialities. Virtual and Analogue Forms of Exhibition", DigiMat… read on

LIFTProv - The handling of Jewish emigrants' resettlement goods in Hamburg

The research project aims to trace the path of Jewish emigrants' personal belongings from the… read on

"See the other?" The perception of the foreign in photographic travel and memory albums

The research and exhibition project "Seeing the Other?" under the direction of PD Dr. Gisela… read on

DSM participates in new research projec

The economic development of Scottish islands in the early modern era is the subject of a new… read on

German research ships in the 20th century

The project examines the influence of various interests and considerations on the financing and… read on

Research Object "Bremen Cog"

The salvage of the wreck from the port area in Bremen Rablinghausen was the beginning of a… read on

Orchestration of maritime power in the German Empire

At around 1900, military and civilian shipping were closely entwined. As objects of maritime… read on

Interests at Work – Work conditions in shipbuilding

In the context of the project, the relationship between production technology and work… read on

Maps - seas. New research project on nautical charts at DSM

Sea charts were - and still are today - the basis of navigation on the seas. The BMBF supports… read on

North Sea Wrecks - a European research project

Where are the wrecks and ammunition in the North Sea? What dangers do they pose to people and… read on

The new exhibition in the DSM brings research to life

The German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven invites you to visit the new "People & the Sea"… read on

Provenance research at the German Maritime Museum: An old engine and its history in the NS era

Since 1976, the single-cylinder four-stroke engine has been part of the collection of the… read on

Shipping, biodiversity and globalisation

Global shipping has an impact on biodiversity. "Shipping and Biodiversity in the Age of… read on

Whereabouts of Jewish emigrants

The aim of the research project is to trace the path of Jewish emigrants' personal effects from… read on

NAVI for research museums

"New approaches for utilisation and knowledge communication for research museums (NAVI) –… read on

Perspectives of maritime art

Maritime art in the German Maritime Museum has been the focus of historical research by… read on

Provenance research

We carry out systematic checks of our collection regarding the provenance (origin) of the… read on

Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea

Iceland, the Shetlands and the Faroe Islands are the focus of research into the Hanseatic… read on

The Research Association for Historical Authenticity

The credibility of exhibited objects is a quality criterion for museums. But when is an object… read on

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