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    With the 360-degree tour, we are extending the exhibitions "CHANGE NOW! - Ships Change the World" and "INTO THE ICE - The MOSAiC Expedition in Pictures" beyond the finissage on July 31, 2022 and make them accessible 24/7. We hope you enjoy the virtual walk.

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    How can I display images and objects enlarged?

    Images are often integrated into the annotation fields for the objects. Details can be explored by moving the mouse over the image. In the lower right corner there is an eye icon. A click on this icon shows the whole image enlarged.

    How can I navigate in the tour?

    Navigation is possible in three different ways. A) At the bottom right of the image the word Map is displayed on a gray background. Clicking on this icon opens a floor plan of the exhibition space with bright clickable dots. These lead to the various exhibition panoramas. B) At the bottom of the screen there are double arrows pointing to the left or right. These lead to the neighboring exhibition areas. C) In the panoramas themselves, clicking on an arrow displayed in the bottom area also allows navigation to an adjacent panorama.

    Can I reduce or enlarge text fields or the map graphics?

    This can be done with the key combination "Ctrl" and "-" or "Ctrl" and "+".


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