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    What does shipping have to do with my life? How diverse are the effects of a relationship between man and the sea that goes back several millennia on our society? Join us on an exciting research and discovery expedition. The new exhibition concept combines fascinating exhibits from shipping with current issues. Find out how finds and research are turned into exciting stories about our past and present life. Become part of the research yourself and take the opportunity to talk to experts.


    The museum is redesigning itself


    The changing German Maritime Museum

    The German Maritime Museum is in transition. As a Leibniz Institute, it makes its research work visible with new exhibition concepts. read on

    Here you can access our overview areas with news from current research and exhibition projects.



    Current exhibitions


    Bremen cog from the Hanseatic era in the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven

    Experience the world's best-preserved medieval merchant ship at first hand and learn more about life on board, the construction method and today's cult. read more

    Cog meets PLAYMOBIL

    The story of a ship retells. For four months - from 26 June to 25 October - the existing permanent exhibition on the cog will be supplemented in a fascinating way ... read more


    A virtual research trip on the POLARSTERN! Learn more ... read more


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