Despite dismantling: The history of the SEUTE DEERN continues

The 100-year history of SEUTE DEERN has many twists and turns. Even after the end of the barque seemed to have been sealed, it continues to provide surprises. On the initiative of the Members of the Bundestag Uwe Schmidt and Johannes Kahrs, the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag approved 46 million euros for a replica of the SEUTE DEERN in mid-November 2019. In consultation with the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media, various options are currently being examined as to how the construction of a new ship as a landmark for the city of Bremerhaven can be implemented. The considerations also include the question of how the museum harbour can be made more attractive overall. Supported by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, a three-dimensional documentation is being produced with the help of 3D scanners. It ensures that the construction of the SEUTE DEERN is carefully documented and that this knowledge is preserved for posterity. Characteristic components such as the figurehead, the anchors, the steering wheel or large parts of the rig are secured. The wish for private memorabilia will also be fulfilled, so that in the future anyone who wishes can purchase a small piece of SEUTE DEERN for their home shelf.

Photo: Ohlthaver

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