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Research depot


Research depot

The foundation stone of the research depot in the Fishery Harbour was laid on November 6, 2019. After a year and a half of construction, exhibits, objects and archives can now move in. 

A lot fits into the approximately 2300 square meters of depot space at Eichstraße 13, and it has to. After all, the collection of the German Maritime Museum/ Leibniz Institute of Maritime History comprises 380,000 archival records and 60,000 museum objects of various sizes. From XXL to tiny everything is there, the sailing lifeboat GEHEIMRAT HEINRICH GERLACH belongs to the giants, the uniform buttons are the smallest specialities.They are joined by figureheads, table services, ship models, rigging, paintings, goblets, silver, navigation instruments and much more.

The new building offers perfect conditions in modern standards. The large hall and the depot rooms above are dark, have a constant climate between 17 and 22 degrees, and a relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent. In this way, the exhibits remain optimally protected from UV light, temperature fluctuations, environmental influences and dust. Incidentally, this is already the case from the time of delivery, as transporters can drive directly into the interior of the building via an airlock. Sensitive slides, glass plates and photographs find a protected environment in a cooling chamber.The archive moves into spacious rooms that make new projects possible.

In addition to the collection infrastructure, the 3D Capture team is moving into the building and will capture objects in three dimensions on site so they can also be explored in the museum and on the website.  Students and scholars will also have the opportunity to view exhibits for research live in the study zone.



Contact press

Thomas Joppig

+ 49 471 482 07 832

Contact collection

Annika Opitz

+49 471 482 07 12



Insights into the research depot







The facade is reminiscent
of the planks of a ship.



Plenty of room for our collection.



A very special highlight:
the cooling chamber.



In the future, large objects will be stored here:
the hall extends over two floors.



Paintings can be stored hanging.



Through the new lock fits even our largest
object, the sail rescue boat GEHEIMRATHEINRICH



Easy-to-use shelving systems help to
organize the archives.







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