German Maritime Museum shipyard


German Maritime Museum shipyard: Designing an active museum!

The German Maritime Museum shipyard is a public workshop with qualitative interest. It takes up the idea of the reconstruction and change of the German Maritime Museum. The reorientation of the exhibition and research programme "Mankind and Sea" is the theoretical framework of the spotlights presented. The internally developed questions on exhibition areas are discussed and evaluated with visitors. We would like to involve you in the new development. At the German Maritime Museum shipyard, you will not only get to know spotlights of our research topics, but also become part of the research process by participating in the German Maritime Museum shipyard.

How does that happen exactly?

Five to eight interested people go through the museum on their own with free admission, have their impressions interviewed by the German Maritime Museum shipyard team and then discuss what they have experienced in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee and cake. Surveys and an active exchange on topics are the driving forces behind a visitor-oriented development. The German Maritime Museum shipyard was designed to increase the intensity of visitor involvement in the museum's current projects.

German Maritime Museum is particularly interested in the visitor experiences in relation to the current special exhibition "360° POLARSTERN". The virtual and augmented reality elements in particular are a first experiment - so it is of great interest to see how the guests react to it, how they cope with the technology and how they absorb the knowledge mediated in this new way. By participating in the German Maritime Museum shipyard, guests will not only learn about research and exhibition topics, but also become part of the research process themselves. Participation in this case means actively forming an opinion on topics as a museum visitor.  All those who are interested in exchange and self-reflection with regard to their own museum visit are invited to register and participate in the German Maritime Museum shipyard. For organisational reasons, registration is required at least two days before the event at or by telephone on 0471 482 07 16.


Julia Mayer, M.A.

+49 471 482 07 16 

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daily 10 am - 6 pm

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