Exhibition themes


exhibition themes


GRÖNLAND: Beginnings of research shipping

In May 1868 the ship GRÖNLAND set off north to explore a possible sea route to the North Pole....read more

How ships characterize our world view

Do you know that without ships and shipping, not a single encyclopaedia, including Wikipedia,...read more

Ships, resources and the underwater environment

In our new exhibition we would like to tell you not only about fishermen, whalers and their...read more

Shipwrecks and ship safety

Shipping accidents have always been part of the shipping industry. They fundamentally influence...read more

Passenger shipping: from migration and mass tourism

We invite you to discover the history of shipping since the emergence of regular shipping...read more

Civil and military shipping

Around 1900, the first phase of globalization began, and the world grew together. Civil and...read more

German submarines: Technology fascination and terror

read more

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