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Programm for children and schools


Explore, experience, recognize in the research museum

Have your students ever been on a whaling ship? Have they ever seen a cog more than 600 years old?

Explore with them the exciting world of research into human's manifold relationships with the sea. At the German Maritime Museum (DSM) all this is possible. Hundreds of valuable objects from the world of shipping, including ship models, paintings, models to touch and try out, provide exciting insights into maritime history. The DSM offers lively educational programmes, which can take place not only in the museum but also in the school.

COURSE AT THE MUSEUM / Programmes at the DSM
The focus of our programs in the museum is of course the many exhibits, including original ships, but also other maritime objects and ship models. All of them offer exciting insights into the relationship between humans and the sea. Individual and active acquisition of knowledge and self-directed, cooperative and creative learning are the key points.

SCHOOL IN SIGHT / A guest in the classroom
The DSM weighs anchor and comes to the classes in the school. Our programs bring the maritime world into the classroom. We have many maritime objects  in our luggage, with these the students work on different topics - actively, methodically varied and guided by our team.


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Did you know?

Bremerhaven school classes have free admission to the DSM. The requirement is that you bring a confirmation from the school with you on your visit. Teachers who come to prepare their class for a visit to the museum also receive free admission. You do not need to register in advance. Take part wiht your school class. Welcome on board!


5th - 13th grade
Man and sea - From the cog to the whaler boat

The largest natural area on our planet is the sea, and people have always used ships, for example to cross it or to harvest its resources. On a tour we will explore the question of the importance of shipping for all people to this day and introduce you to the many aspects of shipping - starting with the medieval "Bremer Kogge" and ending with a visit to the museum harbour.
Duration: 90 minutes
Ship tours are only possible in the summer season (15.03.-15.11.)

School subject
Economy, labour, technology and natural sciences

Learning contents
The pupils recognise the importance of shipping for Bremen/Bremerhaven using the example of trade and technology history. They learn about the importance of shipping for all people to this day.



5th - 13th grade
A walk through the museum harbour

The foundation stone for modern port operations was laid here in the Old Port. Together we will explore the grounds of the Museum Harbour with its buildings, equipment and ships that have shaped the history of the port of Bremerhaven as a maritime and trading city.
Duration: 90 minutes
Ship tours are only possible in the summer season (15.03.-15.11.)

School subject
Geography, history, politics and natural sciences

Learning contents
The students learn about the historical working conditions in a port and compare them with modern developments. They recognise changes in working techniques and processes.



5th - 10th grade
Clear the ship - Nautical proverbs

Did you know that some of our everyday phrases originally came from the language of sailors? On the basis of selected objects we will clarify the background of some of the maritime proverbs that we use as a matter of course today. There are sure to be some surprises!
Duration: 60 minutes

School subject

Learning contents
The students learn that language changes and practice interpreting and understanding metaphorical phrases.



7th - 8th class
"A merchant ship in the middle ages"

The cog is considered the container ship of the Middle Ages and played an important role in trade. Starting from the cog, different themes are developed through the use of original objects and models: Shipbuilding and craftsmanship in the Middle Ages,
Living conditions on a ship, the Hanseatic League and its trade and the history of the "Bremer Kogge" itself.  
Duration: 60 minutes


Incl. action: cog parcour
Following the tour, the students* will work in small teams to deepen their knowledge of maritime trade and life on board as well as navigation in the Middle Ages.
Through the active use of replicas and media stations, the focus is on independent discovery and working with different materials.
Duration: 90 minutes

Incl. action: Historical research
"And how do you know all this?" In their research, historians and archaeologists have developed a wide variety of methods to examine sources and finds. The students try their hand at analysing written sources and archaeological finds and deal with source criticism. Especially suitable for high school classes!
Duration: 90 minutes

School subject
World ecology, history

Learning contents
The students get to know Bremen as a medieval Hanseatic and trading city. They learn about shipbuilding and compare life on board at that time with today.


Prices (plus admission)

60 minutes: 35 € / 90 minutes: 50 €

English speaking:
60 minutes: 40 € / 90 minutes: 60 €

7th / 8th grade
"The cog in the classroom"

The DSM lends museum boxes to the 7th and 8th grades for independent use in class within a course unit. With the help of objects and maps, the young people receive an action-oriented introduction to the subject of "Trade and Shipping in the Middle Ages". The focus is on biographies and the interests of historical actors. A visit to a museum can then be the final step. A folder with background information, instructions, material lists etc. is enclosed for the teachers. On the basis of three different Bremen biographies, the pupils work on and deepen the topics "The Hanseatic League", "Trade" and "Shipbuilding".

Information about the museum boxes
Cost: 60 Euro per school for two weeks

A school can also use a box in several classes within the two weeks. If you book the program "A Merchant Ship in the Middle Ages" at the same time, the costs for this are omitted and you do not pay a one-time guide fee.


Opening hours

Cog hall: Monday till Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

Ships: daily from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

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