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Proceedings of the 9th ICOM Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference

Copenhagen 2004

Proceedings of the 9th ICOM Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference
Per Hoffmann, James A. Spriggs, Kristiane Strætkvern and David Gregory (eds.)
Published by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), Committee for Conservation Working Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials

1. Auflage Bremerhaven 2005, 706 Seiten, reich illustriert, 17 x 23,5 cm, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-89757-308-6
45,00 EUR Kaufen
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In situ preservation, reburials and assessment of wetland sites


Reburial as a method of preserving archaeological remains. A presentation of the Marstrand project
Thomas Bergstrand, Charlotte Gjelstrup Björdal & Thomas Nilsson, Carola Bohm & Eva Christensson, David Gregory, Inger Nyström, Elizabeth Peacock, Vicki Richards & Ian MacLeod


The James Matthews Shipwreck - Conservation Survey and In-situ Stabilisation
Ian Godfrey, Ed Reed, Vicki Richards, Nigel West, Trevor Winton


In-situ containment of sediment for shipwreck reburial projects
Trevor Winton and Vicki Richards


ArchaeoRisk: a Decision Support System on the Environmental Risk for Archaeological Sites in the Venice Lagoon and the research study of wooden finds degradation
Petra Scanferla, Antonio Marcomini, Luigi Fozzati, Roberto Carlo


Extended abstract of Project Aquarius. Preservation, storage and display of waterlogged wood in an aquarium
Charlotte Björdal, Thomas Nilsson, Roland Petterson


Displaying waterlogged archaeological wood at the Museum of London
Elizabeth Goodman and Jill Barnard


Chosen strategies for identification and verification of wood-inhabiting micro organisms
Anne Christine Helms


Chemical and physical characterisation of wood of shipwrecks discovered in the ancient harbour of Pisa (Tuscany-Italy)
Francesca Bettazzi, Gianna Giachi, Giuseppe Staccioli, Stefano Chimichi, Nicola Macchioni


Variations in wood degradation in the three roman oak ships in the West of the Netherlands
D.J. Huisman, R.K.W.M. Klaassen


"Save the Vasa" and related problems


Save the Vasa - an Introduction
Ingrid Hall Roth and Leif Malmberg


Analyses of sulfur and iron in marine-archaeological wood
Magnus Sandström, Yvonne Fors, Farideh Jalilehvand, Emiliana Damian and Ulrik Gelius


Extraction of iron compounds from Vasa wood
Gunnar Almkvist, Lovisa Dal and Ingmar Persson


A XANES sprectroscopic study of changes in sulfur speciation in waterlogged archaeological wood in response to high relative humidity
Theo Skinner, Stephanie Erpenbeck, Glenn McConachie, Mark Jones, Andy Smith


Trials on chemical and microbiological processes for the oxidation of sulphur compounds in archaeological wood
Khôi Tran, Nicolas Bertout, Francis Dalard and Jean-Pierre Magnin


Molecular detection of bacteria in the seventeenth century Swedish warship Vasa
Ka-Lai Pang, Rodney A. Eaton and Julian I. Mitchell


PEG in the warship Vasa and the Viking Ship Skuldelev 2
Martin Nordvig Mortensen, Helge Egsgaard, Yvonne Shashoua and Jens Glastrup


The movement and stability of PEG in the Vasa wood
Gunnar Almkvist and Ingmar Persson


The implications of using low molecular weight PEG for impregnation of waterlogged archaeological wood prior to freeze drying
Poul Jensen and Ulrich Schnell


Experiences with lactitol and xylitol
Anton Wevers


The Poole logboat: A Treatment Update, and Investigation into a Suitable Drying Regime for Large-scale Sucrose Impregnated Waterlogged Wood
Jeremy Hutchings and Jim Spriggs


Conservation of wood - agents and methods - continued


Conclusion and definition of the "Atomisation" Treatment by PEG Saturation used for a 12 metre long Greek shipwreck found in Marseilles
D. Boix, H. Bernard-Maugiron, G. Chaumat, A. Gelas


Development of a specific PEG treatment suitable for "low degraded" wood
Gilles Chaumat, Didier Boux, Michael Picot, Marlène Jacquemont


Conservation and reconstruction of the Carolingian river barge Karl von Bremen of 808 A.D.
Per Hoffmann


Conservation of wood - projects and case stories


The Queen Anne's revenge shipwreck project: Recovery, examination and treatment of wood
Sarah Watkins-Kenney, Eric Nordgren, Wendy Welsh and Nathan Henry


The Göta Wreck - The proceedings of the conservation, reconstruction and display
Sara Wranne, Ebba Samuelsson


The Newport Ship: The first two years
Kate Hunter


The use of glass fibre reinforced cement as supporting material for waterlogged wooden objects
Inger M. Bojesen-Koefoed


Development of a conservation treatment process adapted to archaeological iron/waterlogged wood composites
J.B. Memet and K. Tran


Conservation treatments of the organic artifacts recovered from the Elisabeth and Mary (1690)
André Bergeron


Conservation of various organic materials


Results from treating hundreds of waterlogged antlers - study of material behaviour during impregnation and drying treatments
Xavier Hiron, Didier Bouix, Gilles Chaumat, Marlène Jacquemont, Christine Juy and Amandine Viallon


The conservation of carbonized documents in the middle 19th century, excavated at Akashi-cho site in Tokyo
Masako Kanayama, Michiko Inoue, Mari Omura


Investigation of Conservation Methods for a Textile Recovered from the American Civil War Submarine H.L. Hunley (1864)
Elizabeth E. Peacock


Investigation and conservation of archaeological leather


A preliminary investigation into the effects of diammonium citrate on waterlogged leather from the H.L. Hunley submarine (1864)
Paul Mardikian, John E. Baatz, Philippe de Viviés, Michael J. Drews, Susanne Grieve, Frédérique Nicot


The Analysis and Treatment of Waterlogged Leather II - Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Artificial Neural Networks
I.M. Godfrey and K. Kasi


A preliminary investigation into the density of waterlogged archaeological leather
Jan Bruun Jensen


Conservation of Severely Deteriorated Wet Archaeological Leather Recovered froth the Norwegian Arctic. Preliminary Results
Elizeabeth E. Peacock


A preliminary examination of the re-treatment options for leather treated with Turkey Red Oil
Jane de Solmes and Emily Williams


Conservation of archaeological wet leather - the problem of calcium-soap formation and its removal
Gabriele Maria Zink




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