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Crisis and Transition

Maritime Sectors in the North Sea Region 1790–1940

Crisis and Transition
Lars U. Scholl & David M. Williams (eds.)
Bremen: Verlag H.M. Hauschild
8th North Sea History Conference, Bremerhaven 2005
Deutsche Maritime Studien/German Maritime Studies, Band 5

1. Auflage 2008, 240 Seiten, 51 Abbildungen, 17 x 22 cm, Hardcover, gebunden, 800 g
ISSN 1860-9899ISBN 978-3-89757-381-9
36,00 EUR Kaufen
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Crisis, in the economic sense of significant market changes, are a frequent occurrence in modern times. In this volume, nine distinguished scholars examine the issues of crisis and response of North Sea maritime sectors in the context of the French wars, technological changes in the nineteenth century and the collapse of world trade in the "Great Slump" of 1929-32. Five further papers, set in the maritime field, reveal the exciting character of new research in such diverse fields as dendrochronological analysis, transport policy, fisheries labour supply, polar exploration and network studies of corporate relationships.

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Dr. Lars U. Scholl, Director of the German Maritime Museum and Professor of Maritime History at the University of Bremen, has published extensively on German maritime history since the early modern period. He has a special interest in marine art.

Dr. David M. Williams is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Leicester. A past president of the International Maritime Economic History Association. He has published widely on maritime, commercial and economic history.