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Cod in Crisis?

Quota Management and the Sustainability of the North Atlantic Fisheries, 1977–2007

Cod in Crisis?
Katharina Jantzen
Bremen: Verlag H.M. Hauschild
Deutsche Maritime Studien/German Maritime Studies, Band 15

1. Auflage 2010, 154 Seiten, 23 Abbildungen, 17 x 22 cm, Hardcover, gebunden, 556 g
ISSN 1860-9899ISBN 978-3-89757-499-1
19,00 EUR Kaufen
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Within the last decades, the demand for marine living resources has increased dramatically. Too many boats are fishing for declining stocks and this has led to extensive exploitation of the living marine resources. The polulation sizes of cod in North Atlantic fisheries have been particularly effected. Fisheries management agencies have enacted several regulatory instruments to tackle the problem of overfishing and to establish sustainable fisheries management.

This book gives an overview of the ever more important issue of overexploitation of the natural resource cod and the development of the regulatory mechanism for fish quotas. It makes a contribution to the discussion of whether or not individual transferable quotas can make a difference to the establishment of sustainable fisheries in the North Atlantic. To answer this question, the study compares cod fisheries in Newfoundland, Iceland and the UK from the perspective of economic history in the period 1977–2007.

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Katharina Jantzen studied Business Studies and Economics at the University of Bremen in Germany. Since 2007, she has worked as a research fellow at the Bremen Graduate School for Marine Sciences: GLOMAR of the University of Bremen at the German Maritime Museum. She completed her PhD at the University of Bremen in 2010.